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Hanyut Film By Uwei Hj. Saari

Hanyut Film Preview

Picture 010

Traditional music group from Pahang

Picture 011


Picture 013

Shahadan in charge of the camera

Picture 017

Uwei taking foto with his old friend

Picture 018

Sani Sudin

Picture 020

Mamat Khalid, Raja Azmi and a friend

Picture 022

Julia’ s opening speech

Picture 023

Nishino and his family

Picture 026

Finding Nina webpage

Picture 027

Uwei giving his speech…hmm Russel Crowe was not in

Picture 028

Audience listening

Picture 030

The excellency Poland Ambassador…”I was reading about a Malay director who wants to make film base on Conrad’s novel”.

Picture 035

Raja Azmi show how to berJoget

Picture 040

Fame costume designer Akma

Picture 041

Fadzil Idris..”Tolong…cakap kuat sikit tak dengar ni”.

Picture 044

Nishino..”Thats ur last piece?”

Picture 045

Mamat Khalid, Akma, Dewa & Fadzil