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Satu  establish  by  Elias Yamani Ismail, Isnian Ibarahim, Nurul Azmah & Sharifah Faheera.

Satu own site  created  by  Is9.

Start  selling  works and  products  at  flea markets  around  Klang Valley – Amcorp Mall, Plaza Mt. Kiara & The Curve.


6-23.6.08  Satu frist group show  at  Alliance  Francaise, Kuala  Lumpur. Featuring  artworks  by  Elias  Yamani Ismail, Isnain  Ibrahim & Nurul Azmah. The  exhibition  was  officiated  by  The  Director  of  Alliance  Francaise. For more details of the event check June  posting.

9.6.-31.7.08 Open  Show 08, Shah Alam  Gallery  features  new  artwork  by  Elias  Yamani Ismail  and  other  particiapating  artists.

The creation of satu logo.


Satu  first  organised  show  for  Nurul Azmah  Solo  Exhibition  entitle  “Vertigo” at  The  Attic, Bangsar. The exhibition  showcase  her  body of  work  from  late  07  to  current  development  with  write  up  essay  by  Elias Yamani Ismail. For images and  info check  July  posting.


Working Title  Exhibition at Petronas gallery KLCC featuring  new works by young and up coming Malaysian artists. This exhibition features one  new  artwork by  Elias Yamani Ismail. Information check  August  posting.

Graphic designer Hafis Asrun  joins Satu.


Artist  Elias Yamani Ismail is selected  with  12 other artists  in  Exhibition  “Wayang Uwei dalam  Seni  Tampak”. The exhibition is due on  March, 2010 venue Petronas Gallery, KLCC. For more detail check october posting.

Satu  starts  planing  for  Satu  programe  next  year.

Shah Alam Gallery  offered  Satu  group  Exhibition in January 2009.

Animator Ismawi joins in  Satu.


6.11-30 12.2008 My  Collection: Rahimie  Harun  Exhibition, Meme  and  Elias Yamani Ismail  artworks  features  at  National  Art  Gallery  Kuala Lumpur.

Satu Enterprise  site  created  by Satu.

Interior Design Student, Puteri Juwita or Ita joins Satu.

15.11.08  Satu  own  facebook  account  called Satu Gerak created created by Is9.


Satu group exhibition will be held at Shah Alam Gallery in May, 2009.

21.12.2008  Satu participate with Shah Alam Galley public event, artist Elias Yamani Ismail were pointed as Juries  for the event  for info please check  this site. On the same day held their 1st meeting with GSA assistant curator  along with members of Satu –  Elias Yamani Ismail, Faheera & Ita to discuss preparation regarding Satu next group show at the gallery. Faheera  plans for publicity  while Ita will concentrate on exhibition design.

23.12.2008  Started discussion  Is9 & Elias Yamani Ismail plans for more program’s under Satu: Collective Visual Art Group.



Group Exhibition by Satu with collaboration  with  Shah Alam Gallery. More  updates  will be  added.

First  workshop run  by  Satu, conducted by Sharifah Faheera  check  out  main  page  for  Satu Enterprise. (cencel)

Group Exhibition by Satu, Shah Alam Gallery will  be on May, 2009.

Satu Enterprise brochure is ready design by Hafis

10.1.2009  Held another meeting at Uptown, Damansara. Is9, Nurul Azmah & Elias Yamani Ismail to discuss the  current development and progression of Satu and their  second  group exhibition at Shah Alam Gallery.


03.2.2009 Nurul Azmah,  Hafis Asrun  & Elias Yamani Ismail  submit  their   works  for  Pameran  Amal  Palestine  at  National  Art  Gallery.


Submitted  artworks  for  2009 ‘Mail Art’ Exhibition  at  Shah  Alam  Gallery. Participating  artists Nurul Azmah, Faizal Sidik and Elias Yamani Ismail.


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