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Retrieved Artworks @ SGM

Soka Gakai Malaysia

Retrieved artworks

Picture 055

Wednesday, on our way to SGM located at Bukit Bintang

Picture 068

Manage to take a shot at this new building

Picture 075

around the conner..not down here 😀

Picture 077

The dragon and twins are put to rest for a while

Picture 078

kinda tired being hang for two weeks…

Picture 079

The dragon & twins will be in action soon..cant wait!

Picture 081

Our giant poster laying on the floor

Picture 082

Is9 with the legendary mirror…installation  for the work ‘Hilang’

Picture 085

Is9 with his controversial work ‘Deconstruction’

Picture 086

side view

Picture 087

The dragon finally gets a fresh air 🙂

Picture 088

The battle ground

Picture 089

The hidden fortress

Picture 090

The dragon  at the tower


Space & Sound: A Multi-Lingual Poetry Reading

Date: August 15 2009  Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.
Location: Wisma Kebudayaan SGM
243, Jln Bkt. Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

In conjunction with 3rd Group Show by Satu: Collective Visual Art Group

In collaboration with The Asian Cultural Heritage Centre Berhad and supported by Soka Gakkai Malaysia

Proudly Presents:


A Programme of Poetry from diverse Cultures and in different Languages from various parts of the world.


Wong Phi Nam | Dato’ Dr. M.  Shanmughalingam |
Khalid Shaikh | Nadeem Irfan Bukhar | Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof | Duratul Ain Dorothy| Dinesh Chandrean |  Koo Koon Hoe & Farrukh Zeeshan.

This programme will be facilitate and presented by Prof Dato’ Dr Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof, a well-known academician, expert on culture and poet. He will present his own poems as well as the work of other foreign poets in several languages. It is expected that several other local poets will either present their own work, or have it read by representatives.

The programme is open to all persons interested to either read selections of poetry or to just listen to and
appreciate the power of the Word. Due to limited time, it is expected that each reader will be given no more than five minutes on the average for perhaps two or three poems with brief explanations of the gist or translations.

About the organizers

SATU: Collective  Visual  Art  Group

Form in March 2008, consist  of  members  of  various  art  related  background.

Together  they  encourage  exchange  of  ideas  and  celebrated  diversity  of  thoughts. They  also  function  as  art  support group  that  help to organized  and  create  alternative  platform  in  the  local  visual  art.

The Asian Cultural Heritage Center.

Is an organization  aimed  at  bringing  about  a  greater  awareness  as  well  as  better  understanding  and  appreciation  of  Asia’s  rich  culture  and  heritage.


Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ghulam Sarwar preparing


While waiting Dinesh Chandrean took some time looking at Elias’s artwork ‘Lingkaran Segi Empat II’.


Dinesh taking a closer look


Sound & Space, the area are serounded by visual artworks


Elias Yamani Ismail & Isnian Ibrahim collaboration, installation art called ‘Hilang’.


The shadow drop


The shadow cast of ‘Lingkaran Kembar’ by artists Elias Yamani Ismail


We will always remember how hard to set this particular installating piece 🙂


It hovers…


This is it the 4th dimension


‘Hilang’ by Elias Yamani Isamail + Is9


Arrival of the poetry readers


From Left: Prof.  Dato’ Dr Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof,Wong Phi Nam, Dato’ Dr. M.  Shanmughalingam, Khalid Shaikh & Nadeem Irfan Bukhar


Remembering this historic event organized by Satu Collective Visual Art Group collaboration with The Asian Cultural Heritage Centre Berhad


Dr. Ghulam gave the opening speech


Dr. Ghulam gave a brief information about what poetry is all about 🙂


Audience and readers listening


Dr. Ghulam welcome the first poetry reader




View of the space


Lets begin the session this morning…


Wong Phi Nam, starts the poetry reading  session


interesting insights


Continue reading while the others listen


Dato’ Dr. M.  Shanmughalingam getting ready with his poetry


We love the way he delivered his poetry


listening to the poem  reciting poem


Khalid Shaikh introducing  himself, working  as  a pharmacist as profession  at IMU he decided  to  share  and  recite  poems  in Urdu & Punjabi  language  that morning 🙂


Nadeem Irfan Bukhar getting ready


Nadeem Irfan Bukhar sang to us a beautiful song from a famous hindustany film which also originate from a well known poem

*more pictures form this event will be updates

Pecha Kucha Vol. 7 @ Urbanattic

PechaKucha Night Kuala Lumpur Vol.07, 13 Aug @ Urbanattic: Creative people talking about creative things

Thursday 13 Aug at Urbanattic, CapSquare.

Featuring presentations from:

Barrie Livingstone, interior designer to the stars, from Miami to Kuala Lumpur

*Writer, filmmaker and publisher, Amir Muhammad

*Murni Roslim, jewellery maker

Yuri Wong, composer and songwriter

Fariz Hanapiah, designer and multimedia artist

Graffiti Artist Bibichun

PerezOldSkool, motion artist and visualizer, Founder/Creative Director of Axternal Studio

Muhamad Razif Nasruddin of Think-lab, all things design

Mark Teh from Five Arts Centre and the executive producer of The Fairly Current Show


We came a early but we decide to have dinner at Secret, when we got there  hear Amer was  rappin about Malaysia. I guess that  was our desert for us that nite…no time for the ice-cream…hmm maybe later 🙂


The audience


Amer at his best…yappin…yep and yep


The crowds


feels like listening to an old radio with a bad frequency 🙂


Love this feature 😛


Emcee intro the next speaker!


Our friend Lo at the scene


Im Bibichun…so what if I have a sissy name! Btw i do graffiti 🙂


Yeahx3 we are listening to your story but pls do hurry up..


Again I’m distracted with these hihihi


Okx3 I’m about to finish now…


I’m Mark Teh…guys  U know  my brother also does some design


He help me to design this..walaweh nice ah?


Hmm next slide please 😛


How are everybody doin..Im Perez O’ School


I love Gaban..and I’m a hard core fan of Modern Talking…and its kwel!


I want to make a difference…is everybody in…the ceremony is about to begin…


It’s time to get contacts!

Think-Lab “What Design Means to All of Us in times of Economic Crisis & Global Warming”

“What Design Means to All of Us in times of Economic Crisis & Global Warming”

Saturday 8.8/09,9am-1.00pm

National Art Gallery, KL


Program invitation


Location map




Opening speech by one of Think-Lab members


Student and professionals


Speech by Mohd. Razif Co. Founder of Think-Lab


Ares Ezman a freelance Art Director gave some valuable tips that day


Love this…


Comedic duo showing some of their works


We have some problems with the projector so in the meanwhile lets do something  shall we?


Ian Davies gave us a motivational buy Malaysian products!


Intro by Azlan Othman designer at proton


Azlan gave us interesting and insights as a designer


Matthias Gelber…he’s like that guy in 300 …instead  of…this Sparta! he ask the audience… Are you the agent of change!


Q & A session with the speakers


Razif saying we’ll have another one in December!


Log on for more info!

Text taken from Think-Lab

National Art Gallery – The day Azlan Othman of Proton spoke and everybody was suddenly seeing a better promising future. Design industry was finally making its first small step in making strides to progress, as thinklab’s first design mini conference saw a lineup of speakers, that made a pact to a better future for the local design industry. It was an important and historic conference as the design industry players from New Media Designers to Environmentalist share their thoughts pertaining to the title “What Design Means to All of Us in times of Economic Crisis & Global Warming”. What was also a surprise is that Deputy Education Minister, YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah and wife was there to witness the historic event. Below are images of the successful event filled with agents of change, wanting to make and see the difference in the local design scene.

for more info:

Caricature + Workshop @ SGM

Live Caricature Session

Sat 8 August 2009

3 pm – 5 pm

By illustrator/animator:

Ismawi Ismail


While waiting we had a chat with Malaysian artist Tan Tong  who has been living in Paris for a couple of years made a  rare visit to our show…that’s great!


Members of the family


Before we start the session we did give a special tour  to Ismawi 🙂


Simple work done by artist Elias Yamani Ismail  called ‘Timbul”


Whats underneath it…well be my guess 🙂


work by M. Safuan a young artist that we feature  during our exhibition


another piece  by M. Safuan


Lingkaran Kembar by Elias Yamani Ismail


Shukor Romat’s  abstract paintings  around the coner


Shukur is another  young artist  that Satu help to feature in this exhibition


Art piece by Isnian Ibrahim named “Deconstruction”


Is9 piece made people felt intrigue


Ismawi test subject Joanne Foo from SGM


Ismawi paitenly draws

Neo-Abstraction – Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai

Invi Flyer inside Neo Abstrak

Satu and Soka Gakkai Presents:

‘ Neo-Abstraction : Space , Color And Light . ‘

From 2 August – 16 August 2009

Opening ceremony 2 pm Saturday 2 August 09

The Exhibition will be officiate by: Dr. Mohamed Najib Bin Ahmad Dawa (Director General  of National Art Gallery Malaysia)


Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai Malaysia

Exhibition rational:

The purpose of this exhibition is to discover several possibilities and variables that arts and science could coexist. Science is not only confined to experiments in the labs but also the behavior of the human mind or psychology. The various media used in this exhibition is an attempt to enrich the viewers’ perception and experience in looking at objects of art in their everyday lives. This exhibition tries to draw society closer to art and science besides shedding new light into contemporary art which does not only show beautiful images but challenges the viewers to think intellectually and out of the box.

Participating artists:

Elias Yamani Ismail
Isnian Ibrahim
Faizal Sidek


Safuan Ahmad
Sukor Romat
Mia Farizza

Other related programs:

8.8.09  Saturday

-2-5pm Guided tour by the artists (exhibition space) + Abstract painting workshop with artists Faizal Sidek, Mia   Farizza & Sukor Romat (location level 5)

(Limited seats. Registration by first-come, first-served basis)

– 3-5pm Live caricature session with animator/illustrator  Ismawi Ismail (exhibition space)

15.8.09  Saturday

–  Space & Sound:A multilingual poetry reading session. Organized by Satu & The Asian Cultural Heritage Center. Starts 10am (2hour session). All are invited to participate & refreshment are provided ;D. (location exhibition space). For more info call: 012-4740786

(Registration required)*

* For registration, please contact Ms. Vicky Ho Pei Ying [Tel: (603) 9075 6876] at least 7 days before the date of the activity. Programme details is subject to change

Email use Neo

Map of  location click below:


sgm logo b&w

Soka Gakkai Malaysia

For  more info contact:

Ms. Joanne Foo & Ms. Vicky Ho Pei Ying  at Tel: (603) 90756876

Where Art Happens @ Rouge Art

Session 1: Saturday 13th June 09

Art Spaces : Agendas , Policies And Way Forward

A series of art talks organized by RougeArt at 19 Jalan Berangan , Kuala Lumpur .

RougeArt Gallery.

Rouge art

gate 19.

Nice shoot Is9 😉

taling with hasnul.

having a chat with Hasnul J. Saidon

first speaker.

NAG Dr. Najib Dawa with Beverly Yong

hasnul talks.

Hasnul talking and sharing his experience at MTF

hasnul talks 2.

remember angles & demons…

3rd speaker.

Ahmad Mashadi, Head of NUS Museum, Singapore


Mashadi sharing his experience with the audience

bnm gallery director.

Iqbal Abdul Rahim, Creative producer, Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Galley

doing presentation of the new gallery.

State of the art Facility!

open floor Q&A.

Q &A session with the presenters

Q&A 2.


indo guest speaker.

Ricky Effandy, Independent curator from Indonesia

indo guest speaker_2

sharing his views and experience as a curator