About Satu :

SATU is an collective art group which  team members consist  of  various  art related background. They function as art support group that  help to organised and promote  mainly  visual  related  programs. Formed  in March 2008 by Elias Yamani Ismail, Isnian Ibrahim aka Is9, Nurul Azmah and later joined by Sharifah Faheera. On late  September 2008 additional line up of Satu  includes  graphic designer Mohd. Hafiz Asrun,    and interior designer Putri Juwita.

Their first art exhibition as a group was held at Alliance Francaise, Kuala Lumpur.  Other related projects done by Satu include organising a sucssesfull solo exhibition for fellow team member Nurul Azmah  entitle ‘Vertigo’ held  at The Attic, KL.  Satu also active  in  flee markets  around  the  klang  valley  area  such as Amcorp Mall PJ, Plaza Mount Kiara & The Curve, Damansara  to show case their works of art.


10 responses to “About Satu :

  1. being in grup helps stimulate creative energy…

  2. cool website..creative and inspiring..
    if only the talent was there for me..;)

  3. Teruskan usaha SATU!

  4. i think its a good start.. Just keep it going and real

    good job elias.. and so the rest


  5. Hi Abah!

    Found you by accident over here…lama tak dengar berita, rupanya sibuk dengan satu! Look forward to reading more posts about your projects! Good luck

    Anis (Zainal’s writer half…)

  6. Thanks for supporting us. Next year on January Satu will be having their group show at Shah Alam Gallery and will be curated by Faizal Sidik our own curator.
    Satu also adding new team members – Meme, Hafiz, Ismawi & Putri Juwita.

  7. Limpahtakruah akan membuat satu charity exhibition ‘art for gaza’ , dan memerlukan sokongan yang padu kepada smua pencinta seni untuk berkarya dan menderma, buktikan bahwa kita mampu memberi bantuan. please msg di myspace limpah untuk cadangan dan feedback.. we rily need it, mari kita sama2 jayakan bersama dan sumbangan akan terus disalurkan ke gaza.

  8. Thanks Akim for your info about the event. Our curator had already informs us about the programe.

  9. I love your site. Keep it up !

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