Retrieved Artworks @ SGM

Soka Gakai Malaysia

Retrieved artworks

Picture 055

Wednesday, on our way to SGM located at Bukit Bintang

Picture 068

Manage to take a shot at this new building

Picture 075

around the conner..not down here šŸ˜€

Picture 077

The dragon and twins are put to rest for a while

Picture 078

kinda tired being hang for two weeks…

Picture 079

The dragon & twins will be in action soon..cant wait!

Picture 081

Our giant poster laying on the floor

Picture 082

Is9 with the legendary mirror…installationĀ  for the work ‘Hilang’

Picture 085

Is9 with his controversial work ‘Deconstruction’

Picture 086

side view

Picture 087

The dragon finally gets a fresh air šŸ™‚

Picture 088

The battle ground

Picture 089

The hidden fortress

Picture 090

The dragonĀ  at the tower


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