Think-Lab “What Design Means to All of Us in times of Economic Crisis & Global Warming”

“What Design Means to All of Us in times of Economic Crisis & Global Warming”

Saturday 8.8/09,9am-1.00pm

National Art Gallery, KL


Program invitation


Location map




Opening speech by one of Think-Lab members


Student and professionals


Speech by Mohd. Razif Co. Founder of Think-Lab


Ares Ezman a freelance Art Director gave some valuable tips that day


Love this…


Comedic duo showing some of their works


We have some problems with the projector so in the meanwhile lets do something  shall we?


Ian Davies gave us a motivational buy Malaysian products!


Intro by Azlan Othman designer at proton


Azlan gave us interesting and insights as a designer


Matthias Gelber…he’s like that guy in 300 …instead  of…this Sparta! he ask the audience… Are you the agent of change!


Q & A session with the speakers


Razif saying we’ll have another one in December!


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Text taken from Think-Lab

National Art Gallery – The day Azlan Othman of Proton spoke and everybody was suddenly seeing a better promising future. Design industry was finally making its first small step in making strides to progress, as thinklab’s first design mini conference saw a lineup of speakers, that made a pact to a better future for the local design industry. It was an important and historic conference as the design industry players from New Media Designers to Environmentalist share their thoughts pertaining to the title “What Design Means to All of Us in times of Economic Crisis & Global Warming”. What was also a surprise is that Deputy Education Minister, YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah and wife was there to witness the historic event. Below are images of the successful event filled with agents of change, wanting to make and see the difference in the local design scene.

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